Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Wheels

So finally all the parts arrived and I was able (with help from Dave D., James, Spencer, Dave) build my new bike. I didn't want to burden just one person with the work so I spread it around and everyone was quite helpful in showing me what to do to make this thing functional. We ran into a few glitches, which is part of the deal when your bike is sent to you in pieces from all the various parts manufacturers and you have to put the puzzle together, hoping everything fits.

It's pretty, looks fast, but I haven't been able to take it out to the dirt to see how fast it really is due to all the rain. That's right I don't want to get it muddy just yet. Afterall this isn't a horse and I'd like the trails to remain smooth instead rutting them up with my selfish behavior.

It's fairly light: 24 lbs 12 oz. I could shave a bit of weight off by swapping the pedals for the Ti Eggbeaters, but for now it's ready to go. The Superfly is right at 24 lbs, so it's pretty good considering I'm adding suspension but going to the smaller wheels.

My greatest hope is that it will strike fear into the heart of my fellow competitors when I line up at the next race. Psychological warfare may be my only hope.

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