Thursday, June 03, 2010

Alpine Loop - first go of the season

So I rode the Alpine Loop this morning. I was supposed to meet the guys at 7 a.m. I awoke with a start and saw the clock at 22 minutes after the hour..Knowing I had to meet Aaron at 6:25 on State St. I rushed to get out the door. Flat tire, I pump it up and leave knowing the tube had an issue because I had just put a new tire on last night. I push hard, no Aaron at the meeting spot. So I ride fast through the semi-dark streets toward AF canyon. I arrive at the mouth, no one there, must have left without me. Slow legs, push harder. I ride into the canyon, serene, scenic. I get to Timp Cave, notice the clock on the wall - 6:15 a.m. Doh! I left an hour early! I borrow a cell phone from a early morning hiker, no service, I contemplate riding down to meet the group, nope, so I ride up, stop to fix my slow leak, blow up my spare tube, it freezes and shatters, not immediately apparent, I bum air off a couple of riders, then a tube, then more air, then get riding again, up, up, up. I get to the summit and within a few minutes they start to arrive until the whole group is there. A rough go for the first circuit of the Alpine Loop but at least I didn't have to suffer chasing the speedsters as they 'unraced' up the hill. Down the Sundance side with Aaron and then off to work. Riding makes most things more tolerable.