Monday, September 11, 2006

LOTOJA - aka "Ride for the Mentally Unstable"

So this past weekend, Chris, KC, Eric Lex and I rode the LOTOJA race. For those of you who are not familiar with this acronym, that's Logan TO Jackson. A one day, 206 mile race over the mountains and through the woods of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

This is my 4th LOTOJA ride and while it was not the hardest for me, it was certainly tough and is just one of those experiences you think will be a profound, life-altering accomplishment but in reality is just a very hard day of riding that you suffer through the best you can and immediately afterwards say to yourself, "NEVER AGAIN!"

The more enjoyable aspect to this event is the experience of riding with friends and spending the weekend with them, travelling, joking, talking, eating and yes..riding ALOT.

It wouldn't be the same experience without those I rode with and who supported us. Thank you very much Dave and Sherry.

Not that every big event has to be an analogy for some aspect of life, but it seems to me that this sort of experience does teach you something about what's most important. When you are suffering most, it's your friends and family you turn to, and in the absence of them, anyone with similar objectives will do. The cooperative spirit is strong when everyone wants to just make it in. Words of encouragement and praise for efforts made are honest and most appreciated. Additionally, like most things, it's more mental than physical. Sure there are people who just cannot continue at some point, however for many of us, the determination to finish can override the fatigue, pain and mental dullness brought on by such an effort. I appreciate those who, when suffering most, keep a positive outlook and do their best to encourage and assist others along the way.

Here are some photos from the Day 'o Sufferin'

In the early AM

Rest Stop in Afton

Arriving in Alpine

The crew departing Alpine for Snake River Canyon

Friday, September 01, 2006

Jansen Max Payne

So here's your official announcement of the name of child #3. Jansen Max Payne. Wanted to post a few more pictures for you to see and I will endeavor to keep other photos of family and events posted here.

Sept and Oct are looking to be very busy months with a new baby, work, LOTOJA next week, Zion Hiking Trip, 24 Hours of Moab and a few other trips and activities on the schedule.

Sierra and Jansen

Kohl and Jansen


Kohl and Jansen

Monday, August 14, 2006

New Arrival

Welcome, er..what's his name?
So it's not a new bike, apparently I have enough of those...for the moment. It's much better. It requires much more maintenance, makes alot more noise and is a bit more complicated to fix.

Gail delivered our 3rd child this morning at 10:16 a.m. Everything went quite well. The nurses said it was the fastest inducement they had seen. The DR. broke her water at 8:10 and by 10 a.m. the baby was ready to come out. Only a few pushes by Gail and our new "what's his name?" was here.

So we haven't fully decided on a name, but that will be remedied. We are just happy, relieved, excited that he's here now.

More news to follow.

6 lbs. 9 oz. 19.5 in long.

Hello World

Mommy and Baby


The Big Sister and Brother

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bike or baby?

Tour of Utah
So the Evanston race was this Saturday, but as my wife is expecting our 3rd child I was not able to attend. Instead I stayed home and did a road ride with Adam up the Alpine Loop to watch the Tour of Utah come through. We had a good ride, although we had to dodge runners coming down the Provo River trail on the way up (half-marathon). We made it to the top in good time and waited as the groups of riders approached. The climb up to Sundance and then to the summit certainly had a splintering effect on the riders and it was fun to watch multiple groups come through. I called my wife from the top and was informed she was heading to the hospital because she was having hard contractions. So after the last group went through we headed down. I was moving pretty quick and passing vehicle traffic in and effort to get down as fast as possible. Todd from Sock Tubes hooked up with me and I followed him down, when we hit Provo Canyon he asked how things were going and I told him, so he said "Let's get you down then!" He started pulling, at a reasonable rate as I'm not the strongest rider and we made good time going down. On the Parkway trail I noted we were doing 30 mph most of the time. Todd has a nice skill as well, he can whistle pretty loud without sticking his fingers in his mouth, as I would require. So he alerted other riders, peds and skaters as to our approach. We parted at the mouth of the canyon and I spent the afternoon at the hospital. The wife was sent home, but we'll have the baby on Monday morning anyway.

Here's some shots from the top of the mountain.

Adam shooting photos

Here they come.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Opening Post

Everyone else seems to be doing it, so why not me? I am mainly starting this blog to force myself to create somewhat of a journal of my weekly activites, including, but not limited to; cycling, snowboarding, climbing, my family, job, travels, etc.

I suppose this means I too will need to start carrying a digital camera everywhere. Well we'll see about that.

As the season is drawing toward the end and I've not progressed as much as I would have hoped I'm re-evaluating my focus and level of determination for next year. I've also questioned the focus of the team that I manage and may make some big changes for next year, but first things first. Evanston race next week, ULCER (100 miles around Utah Lake) after than and then more road training for
LOTOJA, and finally the real bonus to the whole season, 24 Hours of Moab.

The main restriction on more training and hence better race results is family. Presently my wife is due to have our 3rd child sometime this month and I've been trying to be around more for her sanity as well as mine. Consequently the duration and frequency of my riding has suffered. She has been very supportive of my riding, but in these latter stages of pregnancy it has been harder to manage our overly energetic 4 and 2 year old. So my assistance is needed.

Well that should suffice for my intial posting. More updates to come.