Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bike or baby?

Tour of Utah
So the Evanston race was this Saturday, but as my wife is expecting our 3rd child I was not able to attend. Instead I stayed home and did a road ride with Adam up the Alpine Loop to watch the Tour of Utah come through. We had a good ride, although we had to dodge runners coming down the Provo River trail on the way up (half-marathon). We made it to the top in good time and waited as the groups of riders approached. The climb up to Sundance and then to the summit certainly had a splintering effect on the riders and it was fun to watch multiple groups come through. I called my wife from the top and was informed she was heading to the hospital because she was having hard contractions. So after the last group went through we headed down. I was moving pretty quick and passing vehicle traffic in and effort to get down as fast as possible. Todd from Sock Tubes hooked up with me and I followed him down, when we hit Provo Canyon he asked how things were going and I told him, so he said "Let's get you down then!" He started pulling, at a reasonable rate as I'm not the strongest rider and we made good time going down. On the Parkway trail I noted we were doing 30 mph most of the time. Todd has a nice skill as well, he can whistle pretty loud without sticking his fingers in his mouth, as I would require. So he alerted other riders, peds and skaters as to our approach. We parted at the mouth of the canyon and I spent the afternoon at the hospital. The wife was sent home, but we'll have the baby on Monday morning anyway.

Here's some shots from the top of the mountain.

Adam shooting photos

Here they come.


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Utah Mnt biker said...

Glad to hear that you didn't miss the delivery. I was wondering where you were Saturday. Hopefully I'll see you Saturday at the Ulcer!