Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Spring thing

It's coming quick, warmer days, more sunshine, comfortable temps, all which allow for more riding. I'm feeling pretty dedicated to riding harder and longer this year, finding the time to do so amidst a variety of other obligations is quite difficult, nevertheless I'm committed to make it happen.

The trip to Moab with Adam, Chris/KC, and Brad was great. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't ride the sheer euphoria of being on dirt and cranking up a hill. It took me a bit longer to get warmed up than the others as we worked our way out Sand Flats road, but once we hit Porcupine trailhead I was feeling pretty comfortable and had a great ride.

I did manage to bend my largest Chainring at some point and encountered a near blow-out flat just a mile or two from the river but other than that it was a great day in the cool temps and sunshine of Moab in March.

Consequently another quick trip down is in the works for this weekend and I'm ready to go. Until more trails are dry here, Moab and St. George excursions are just the ticket to get excited about the season. The Hurricane race is in a couple of weeks too, so no time like the present to get riding.

Chris, Me, Adam and Fred at the Rim

Monday, March 10, 2008

Good start, poor finish

So today started great. Banana 105 calories, glass of apple juice 117 calories, mid-morning snack-triple threat bar 23o calories. Then I came home for lunch had a bagel turkey sandwich and deviled eggs, not bad but not great. However it all falls apart this evening since I had a dinner at the Foundry Grill planned with Gail as it was our anniversary. Filet Mignon, au gratin potatos, spinich, Tortilla soup, bread, etc. Ok, so I burned through all of the remainder of todays caloric intact and all of tomorrow's as well. So I suppose I'll just have to drink water tomorrow and dream about the food I had today. That or I can get back on the calorie monitoring and actually work out sometime. Probably the more likely solution.

What I've learned, A. It's not easy to track each calorie, but it's helpful to know. B. Our culture is not designed to feed you what you need, but what you think you want.

Oh well, more spinning, less eating will have to be the key.