Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost new bike for sale, 2009 GF HiFi Supercaliber

This bike (stock version) would retail for over $3,800. This bike with SRAM components and Rock Shox Race fork with remote lock out is HOT! It's smooth, fast and down right sexy! Upgraded brakes (Avid Juicy 7), Carbon handle bar, lighter saddle make this one sweet XC bike. It's been test ridden by a couple of team riders (less that 50 miles total on this bike). If you or someone you know wants it, just drop me a line. $3,100 and it's yours. That's right, save 800 bucks and get a better bike in the process. I'm sticking with the 29, so here's your chance to take advantage of my addiction to bigger wheels.
Oh - Medium Frame size.
Maxxis Larsen TTs on it - Tubless setup
Ignore the pedals, unless you really want candy Sls, we can work something out.
Questions, let me know.