Thursday, June 03, 2010

Alpine Loop - first go of the season

So I rode the Alpine Loop this morning. I was supposed to meet the guys at 7 a.m. I awoke with a start and saw the clock at 22 minutes after the hour..Knowing I had to meet Aaron at 6:25 on State St. I rushed to get out the door. Flat tire, I pump it up and leave knowing the tube had an issue because I had just put a new tire on last night. I push hard, no Aaron at the meeting spot. So I ride fast through the semi-dark streets toward AF canyon. I arrive at the mouth, no one there, must have left without me. Slow legs, push harder. I ride into the canyon, serene, scenic. I get to Timp Cave, notice the clock on the wall - 6:15 a.m. Doh! I left an hour early! I borrow a cell phone from a early morning hiker, no service, I contemplate riding down to meet the group, nope, so I ride up, stop to fix my slow leak, blow up my spare tube, it freezes and shatters, not immediately apparent, I bum air off a couple of riders, then a tube, then more air, then get riding again, up, up, up. I get to the summit and within a few minutes they start to arrive until the whole group is there. A rough go for the first circuit of the Alpine Loop but at least I didn't have to suffer chasing the speedsters as they 'unraced' up the hill. Down the Sundance side with Aaron and then off to work. Riding makes most things more tolerable.


Brad said...

All those things that happen to us like those little challenges ...Just make for a cooler story to share on your Blog! Thanks for sharing.

Deceptively Slow said...

Hey Keith - I'm the guy who gave you the tube and air. You had a rough morning - I have never seen a tube shredded like that! Glad to know that you made it. Will see you in AF canyon again I'm sure - such a great ride - even for a clydesdale like me on a old road bike. I'm getting ready to buy a new one and will check out Mad Dog.

Keith said...

Hey Deceptively Slow. Thanks again for the multiple airs and tube. I owe you. You seriously are welcome to collect from Mad Dog sometime. I manage the MTB race team and they know how to collect from me:). Hope to get up to AF a bit more this year, such a wonderful ride. I'd like a new road bike as well. Love my Pilot 5.2 but I'm ready for something a bit more aggressive.