Monday, July 06, 2009

Mid Season Break

So we had a bit of a break for the last few weeks in the ICUP racing series. But this coming Saturday that all changes with the Snowbird race. I would like to say I'm ready for it, but I'm thinking it will depend on alot of variables which I have yet to determine. A. Diet for the reminder of the week - can I avoid the sweets and backyard bbq hamburgers? B. Which bike I ride - The Fly is reliable and known but the new 26 HiFi (even after 30 miles in Park City on Friday) still seems iffy, yet having the suspension would be nice. C. Sleep - I'm getting up early and staying up later than I should because of Le Tour. Can I limit my exposure to what is certainly an addiction and get enough rest or will my weakness hamper my ability to perform well on Saturday.

All shall be answered come Saturday when I show up and try to put the hammer down on the new and improved course at the Bird. I fear that no matter what I do however, Kevin is just too fast this year. I hate to resort sabotoge Kevin, but would you like to come over for a BBQ on Friday night?

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