Monday, June 01, 2009

It's the simple things

Simple things are really the basis of happiness in my opinion. My kids funny little quips, going on a bike ride, a piece of fruit when it's just right, and so on. Ironically it's also the simple things that can most easily be our downfall. For instance, this evening I went on a nice ride on the SS. It was nice to get on the Purple machine after racing 3 times last week. It's simple, one gear, just stand and go, no thinking, no shifting, just pedal. I met Chris and KC above the race course and we proceeded to do the normal loop up Betty's to the Altar, Betty's lament to Dry and back around on the BST. I had to walk a loose section or two but otherwise felt pretty good, pushed hard to catch up with the Dynamic Duo when I spun out on the loose stuff and handled the technical sections, albeit a bit slower than I would have on the "Fly". Not sure why, but the SS just feels less stable after riding the Fly so much.

So we finally make it around and we are at the shooting range, which requires the log ride attempt at least once, especially when with the Holley's, (which is why I enjoy about riding with them, because they both are always encouraging me to try new things or push a little harder, even when it's not verbalized). So I pass on the first attempt due to the high grass it was hard to see the approach. KC made an attempt and I circled back up to go again. I approached, braked, as always, rode up onto the log and when I was about 1/4 of the way the bike slid off the left side, however my balance was to the right and so I went down and rolled, twice I think, hitting the outside of my right knee on the rocks. Besides being itchy from the roll in the grass and onto the pavement. I also realized that this seemingly simple task of riding the log was now going to leave me with a painful, but hopefully temporary, reminder that some things that seem simple can also be painful.

So now I sit here, stretching and rubbing my leg hoping I didn't do anything too drastic that would slow my riding and progression on the season thus far. Ahh the simple things, so fun, yet dangerous enough to really screw everything up.

Sundance ICUP 09


KC said...

No race on Saturday so that gives you even more time to "heal". Hope it feels better today.
It was fun to ride with you again--finally!

KanyonKris said...

The little things are sweet. I dig my daily shower (seriously, think what it be like without it) and kicking off my shoes when I get home (amazing how good my feet feel with the shoes off). Watching the kids play is always fun. Yesterday evening I sat on the porch reading a book while the rain fell - the sound and smell - ahhh.