Friday, February 08, 2008

So. Caribbean Sand or Utah Snow

While each has it's own unique beauty and benefits I honestly have to say I love the snow. It's not bad to visit the beach on occasion. I certain miss living within a couple of miles of the ocean which I did either on the East or West coast for the first 17 years of life, but I can't imagine not being here in Utah with the snow.

1. I know it's temporary, despite so many people constantly complaining about how they've had enough, you think they were in some sort of frozen purgatory. Shut it, there's plenty of open space in Arizona for the whiners, just move.

2. I need the break to get other things done, get fat and hence have another season to look forward to so I can get in shape again. Sure it's not the most effective way to handle my fitness or training, but I'm not as disciplined as the Pros, yet not so lazy that I'm willing to give up biking for a Fantasy Football league or Xbox.

Next week we take the long drive to Tucson for Old Pueblo, my true winter break down ride. As much as I'd like to do some snow riding or take a quick trip to So. Utah to better prepare, work, family, team organization usually prohibit such plans, so I make do with the spin class and feel pretty content with that for now. Sure I won't be as fast as I could be, but the lack of riding dictates that I'll certainly be ready to ride come Spring.

Enjoy the constrast of last week's trip to this week's snow.

Getting ready to go Scuba diving on Barbados

Snowcave on the front lawn

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