Friday, January 18, 2008

New Year, New You

So I've determined to be thinner, faster, leaner and stronger for 2008. I've started cross training. Yes, that means freeweights twice a week. It's not alot, but it hurt nevertheless. I'm also being pretty consistent with Spin class. At least twice a week. Throw in some snowshoeing and a few hours of Snowboarding weekly and I'm pretty much sore non-stop.

I'm hoping that having a bit more upper body muscle tone and general fitness will translate into a more prepared race body come April or so.

The next test will be the 24 Hrs of Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ. Only a few weeks away and I have a cruise between now and then. I'm not sure that's the best pre-race training regiment, but hey I'll try anything at this point. I've already committed to myself that I'll get up and spin every morning on the Cruise, do you believe me? I'll report back as to how well I did. I will do some snorkeling and Scuba diving, so it won't all be midnight buffets and margaritas.

Speaking of determination, it's funny how focused you become when reality whacks you in the head. Sure everyone SAYS they want to be fit, healthy, happy. But do we really do what it takes to become so? After losing Sharon I could rationalize that it really doesn't matter how in-shape you are, fate can deal you an unexpected blow, but I know this, Sharon lived her life to the fullest because she was so healthy and active. I don't want to regret not doing my best in anything. So I'm going to sell insurance and thus pay the bills and I'll do it well. I'm going to get in shape and race to the best of my ability, within reason, since I also have a job, family and a half dozen other responsibilities. Ahh reality, so sobering, so forceful in it's method, the only thing to do is embrace it and then do your best not to let it trash your dreams, your will, or your hope.

So it's a new year, hence time for a new you. Are you capable of taking on reality? It's a tough responsibility. New body? reality is, work out, eat better. Money to pay the bills? realilty is, work hard, great customer service. I have many more, but I won't bore you. I wish you luck with facing your goals!

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KC said...

Best of luck Keith. Not that you need luck, when you have determination.