Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Beginning

So here I am at the beginning of another season. Next week is St. George and of course, like 99% of you, I'm underprepared for racing. While the 24 Hrs of Old Pueblo went well, despite freakish weather leading into the event, I still don't consider myself as fit and trim as I had hoped or planned on being by now.

The nice thing is I have a couple of months to get in better condition, alot of it depends on the weather AND whether I keep up the indoor training if the snows keep coming. Eating habit sare deplorable and so I have to recommit myself to smaller portions and less sugar at the beginning of every week.

My main focus is getting the team issues sorted out, it always takes more time that I think it will. Not that I'm complaining, I enjoy doing it, it's just that I get so distracted with all the other issues of life. Nevertheless its coming together and we should be up and running by May.

If someone finds a great fat burning diet, that's actually not going to starve me to death, please let me know. I really need to have a full week schedule of meals and make a plan to stick to it. I think that would have a huge impact on my need to shed 5 pounds.

See you at the races.

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KC said...

I would suggest focusng on low caloric density foods. Whole foods are the best foods and some believe can stimulate metabolism while increasing satiety. Caloric Density is the amount of calories per gram. The okinawan diet and volumetrics both used caloric density as their base. Information on both of these programs can be found on line and each offers a book.