Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope is right!

So now we face at least 4 years of a democratic leadership with grand visions of turning America into another European socialist nation. What else can we have Mr. O, but hope. We will all hope that he will live up to his rather vague promises. Yet even in his acceptance speech he started backpedaling about what he could actually accomplish, I find that concerning. Managing expecations he hasn't even attempted to deliever on yet.

I hope that he will be a good president. He certainly looks presidential, perhaps that's why many voted for him. I'm sure he can act presidential, he's been doing that for months. But can he peform as a president should, will he represent the interests of America and not drive our already tenuous economy further south. I worry that the prevalant attitude of entitlement that exists among so many of his supports and is evidenced in his platform will not breed additional complacency.

As much as I care about the environment and the need for alternative energy sources, there's no switch to turn on to simply make it happen, it will take time, innovation, desire, not just government mandates. I really was hoping to start a new business next year, but now it appears that I might have to change occupations (since my highly technical and valuable services will not be needed if the Pres. has his way) and hold on, hoping.

I really do hope that there's some new government grants that will allow me to ride my bike and teach others to do the same, then I can focus on what I love to do and the government can take care of me and I won't have a care in the world! I hope Mr. President, I really do hope.


Racer Jared said...

I kind of agree. I hope he does a good job, because he's got 4 years to do something, and there is a lot to do.

Grizzly Adam said...

Remember though, mid term elections in 2010. Conservatives can gain some ground and help hold back the tide of socialism.

In the meantime, I have this huge stack of gas receipts and unpaid mortgage bills. Do you guys know where I send them? I need a check.

StupidBike said...