Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trail Day

Today I didn't race, I cleared trail. The Jurassic Park trail to be exact. In actuality it's called the Lame Horse trail, but that name is just plain lame. Even the USFS representative who lead our work crew thought so. She liked our name better.

The trail is actually in great condition for about half of the 2.2 miles that connect the Alpine Loop Summit to the Timpanogos trailhead at Aspen Grove. But the lower half is perpetually rocky and is regularly in need of some attention. Today Bill, Kevin, Joseph, Tim, Scott, Jeff, Jake and I all walked the trail from top to bottom clearing overhanging branches, removing rocks and clearing the scree. It took the morning to get the trail worked and is now in great condition.

After we completed our work some of us rode the trail up and then back down. It was fast, smooth and fun. It still works your hand due to all the breaking, but now is a bit less sketchy on some of the turns. The last section which drops into Aspen Grove is much improved and I rode it faster today than I ever have.

It's alot of work to go rake, ho and clear trail for a Saturday morning, but I think it's important that those who use the trail give back a little. We discussed the involvement of other trail users in trail maintenance with our the Forest Service employee. She said that they are working hard to get moto and horseback groups involved in trail maintenace which is good to hear. However, it's important to note that the most damaging impact to some of the trails in this particular area have come from those groups. Now there's irresponsible usesage from any number of users, including cyclists I'm sure. However it's nice to know that at least our group is one of the few out there maintaining and improving and not just utilizing.

Thanks to those who were able to come out and help today. It greatly improved the trail and shows we care about our access.

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