Thursday, July 24, 2008

Single Speed

So I finally have the Rig built up and rideable. There a few issues with it, but it's rideable. So of course the first actually ride I do with it is a race. Wednesday night I brought the Rig up to test the bike and my will power to pedal up the mountain with only one gear.

Thanks to Chris and KC who not only helped me get the bike operational but are also the ones encouraging me to try it. Yes that's a somewhat sarcastic thanks. Adam also deserves part of the credit/blame as it's his old frame and he too commonly rides his SS on our rides.

Nevertheless the inevitable reality of riding a single speed is speed. You simply must go faster, must stand up, must push harder, breath deeper, focus more, use breaks less and ride as smooth and powerful as possible. It's bound to make me a better rider, but oh how it hurts.

I've never had to push myself so hard on the Sundance course. It's so easy to back off, click down a gear and settle into a comfortable pace until you recover enough to up the pace again. Not so with the SS obviously. It's go or no go pretty much all the time. Even the flats you have to spin quick to maintain some speed and not roll to a stop.

It was challenging, my legs feel it, but I'm glad I did it. Now I just have to talk myself into doing it again.

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KC said...

You know you loved it. A SS is simple and exhilirating. You were definitely faster. It took me longer to catch you both times. It takes a while to learn to spin, but it will help with speed and recovery on the flats.
Welcome to the club.