Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sundance mid-week

Weekly races are tough, almost harder than the longer, larger ICUP events. First, I've usually been riding a bit, in this case I rode hard Monday and also rode with Adam, Jared and Kris up at Big Springs Tuesday. So my full power and speed aren't quite there. Secondlly there's a mental hurdle to overcome with a mid-week race. I'm at a familiar location with friends, it feels more like a high-paced group ride than a true race. I don't get butterflies or feel too stressed. It's a fun event....until it actually starts and I watch regretfully as the whole Expert field pulls away from me on the road climb. I don't know that I'll ever be able to blow off the line at the pace I watch others depart with. I think deep down I must have a real fear that my lungs will explode. Whatever the reason I have to play catch up the whole race and hold position behind those who can sprint well, but then slow to a comfortable pace once things shake out. Because it's a mid-week race I don't worry about it, yet, I still want to do my best and catch a person or two.

Sundance doesn't lend itself to frequent passing opportunities, so when they come you have to take them and not look back. I was a little discouraged that some of the Sport riders caught us so quickly and zipped by near Flathead. They really should be riding expert if they are moving that fast. Nevertheless, the race is alot of fun, a superb course and great people. I look forward to doing better on this course in 2 weeks.

Coming in to finish at Sundance, thanks Kris for the photo.

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