Sunday, June 22, 2008

Outing with Chris and KC

There were quite a few ride options this past Saturday. Fatty's Tri which was very tempting, bike, slide, brats; a unique combination that most cyclist I know would find hard to turn down. There was also the High Uintah's Classic which Brad and a few other team riders opted to do. I however cast in my lot with the Holleys as their desired route was close to home and started early, meaning I'd be home in time to handle the honeydos around the house.

An ambitious ride for most but just a long Saturday for Chris and KC. I left my house at 7 a.m. and met up with the Holleys at Timp Park in Provo Canyon around 7:30. We then headed up the Provo River Trail, then on up the road to Sundance. We were there by 8:30 and there just happened to be a Super D race about to start. We figured we had time and rode up the ICUP race course route, going up the road, out Archie's and through Scott's Pond. Once on top at Speed Trap I suggested we ride on up to the top and ride the Super D course. We arrived at the top before they had started and figured we'd ride clean up, just to see what we could do. We waited for a bit and finally decided we'd just forerun the course ahead of the ten or so racers that showed up. With the exception of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, the course is entirely downhill, and quite fast. We didn't get timed, but it was fun to pretend we were racing for a moment.

After we topped off our water we continued up the roade to Aspen Grove. We accessed the Jurrasic Park trail by way of the Timp Trailhead, this always rocky start was much worse than last year and could stand some work, it may be our project for the July 12th Trail Maintenance day. About half way up the trail gets much better and we rode more efficently. At the summit we continued out 157 on the normal ridge loop, it was all in pretty good condition, but getting dry already. The "Moon of Endor" descent was fabulous and the climb up SFDC also in great shape, with the exception of the springs area where the motos had ripped a 3 foot deep trench into the earth. It was passable via a new beaten trail on the right and we continued back to the Cascade Spring road intersection. Then down Jurrasic, down to Sundance, more water and back down the canyon.

Chris and KC opted to do the Bridal Veil to Bonneville South spur and I continued home. Almost 6 hours. 5302 calories. If my computer wasn't broken I'd know the vertical and average speed. Oh well. It was fun, left me pretty fatigued but today I feel great, just a bit hungry. It's not often we get to ride like that, but when we do it's a great day. I look forward to more.


Aaron said...

Sounds like a great ride. If you are planning on leaving that early next Saturday, let me know. I can't get 6 hours in, but I could break off at 3.5 hrs and be just fine.

KC said...

It was a good ride. Next time we will have to take less breaks so there is more time for riding. Then you would have time to join us on Bonneville South.

ER Dog said...

What's this about breaks? I didn't catch that in your report, Keith. Glad you had a good ride.
The High Uintas classic was a good workout but I like the dirt better.

Keith said...

Karl, Consider the source of the "breaks" comment. 10 Seconds at a standstill and you-know-who gets anxious legs. However we did stop a few times to chat with people, get water or enjoy the view. It was a great ride.