Monday, April 23, 2007

Lazy Blogger

Ok..So I haven't been the most diligent of Bloggers. Sure I have plenty of excuses, work, family, scouts, organizing a bike team (two, sort of) and of course training. Everyone has demands on their time, right? (except Chris and KC apparently, just kidding).

So I'm resolving to do better, to get a digital camera even - my wife won't let me use hers. I WILL start making updates to this blog. Why? Good question, I suppose because there are a few people out there who might actually click a link from someone elses blog and find what I have to say interesting, informative, perhaps even pathetic, hence making them feel better about their own life of quiet desperation (yes that's borrowed).

So I'll have Adam give me some lessons on posting and graphic design and you'll see an improvement. Sometime soon. In the near future. I promise.

Aside from that little confession and resolution here's the current state of affairs:

The Mad Dog Team is looking good this year. We have alot of good riders, many people who believe in the cause and are willing to help us achieve our goals of community awareness and involvement. We will hopefully, be better prepared and advertise more effectively this year.

We will hold monthly guided rides open to the public, we will have two trail maintenance days and we will put together a race for the community this August. Alot of work ahead of us, but I think it can be done and will be helpful to the cycling community.

More updates to follow.

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