Thursday, April 26, 2007

'07 Team Gear

The new team gear finally came in today. So after organizing everyone's order I decided to go on a short ride in the new duds. They are bit darker than I expected, but I think they stand out really well. I like the mountain motif and the flow of the jersey into the short design. Nate really did a good job, considering he doesn't design jerseys full time. Be sure to thank him next time you see him.

Scott and I rode the BST above Orem/Lindon, just a short 45 min loop, but it was nice to get the lungs working for a bit. Scott graciously acted the photog part simply because he didn't want to change into his new gear and have the pictures taken of him I think.

So now I just have to get the team t-shirts ordered and then work on the other dozen things I have on my list and then perhaps in November I can relax a bit.

A couple other photos:

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Utah Mnt biker said...

My wife isn't happy about me using her camera either so I'm looking at getting a new one as well.